Wirral Weather


Wirral Weather has 1,000+ followers on twitter and over 4,400 likes on Facebook. The website also reaches an audience of over 15,000 people per month.

Wirral Weather was set up by me to fill a gap in the social market to provide local people with new and interesting information. It also showcases other skills of mine inbetween freelance positions.

I also produce, film and edit all social media videos which enables me to use my professional production equipment and software. An advanced knowledge of camera operation (inc. drone), Final Cut Pro X editing software & motion control animation software is needed. A general understanding of photoshop is also required during the role.

Writing articles for my weather website allows me to use my following skills:

Research skills
User Interaction
Article Editing
Website (wordpress) editing
Social media mangement – facebook, twitter, google+, youtube, vine, instagram, flickr
Keeping up to date with the latest trends – Hashtags, videos, pictures, news stories

Wirral Weather.com features advertisements from some of the biggest companies/advertisement campaigns in the world. Wirral Weather supports it’s self through this ad revenue.

My content and potential has also appeared in newspapers, online news sites, social media reposts, National/Local newspapers, documentaries, BBC online & TV.

Why did I create a weather website ?

Weather is something I’ve always been interested in and learnt about during my A levels. I am also VERY passionate about what I love to do and what I have a University degree in, which is videography, photography and managing social media accounts.


Wirral Weather appears on BBC North West Tonight

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